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Strawberry Park Hot Springs  
44200 County Road 36
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

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Situated along Hot Springs Creek, just outside of Steamboat Springs, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is "one of the most spectacular mineral springs in the world." Enjoy a massage in one of the private massage huts or watsu therapy in the private pool. Overnight lodging accommodations are available.

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While the hotsprings are beautiful, I found the staff and management to be very rude. The facility is dangerous at night with no walkway lighting. There is exposed wiring along many walkways (hopefully disconnected). The upper bathroom reeks of mold and mildew and pipe leaks were wrapped in moldy, musty towels. Although a beautiful setting--not a pleasant experience with facility and staff. I would never go there again and would not recommend it to anyone.
Matpat02 at at 08:53PM, 2010/10/13.
I will never go here again and will tell everyone I know to never support this business.

Let me start from the beginning...
Myself and 3 of my friends were traveling last week and we planned to camp one night at the campground there at the hot springs. We had called weeks earlier to make a reservation for camping and we were told there is no reason to make a reservation because "nobody camps there in October." But, we would be allowed to camp if we wanted to. We arrived and to our surprise (after what we had been told) there was only one camp site left available. Had there not been a camp site available we would have been in a real predicament having had no other accommodations set up.

The gate attendant who checked us in that night (about 7pm) was very cold. Not friendly or welcoming at all. We got a 5 minute lecture on what we could and couldn’t do while we were there. This left us with a bad taste in our mouth from the beginning.

It was $60 for 3 of us to camp there. A pretty hefty camping fee, but it did include our entrance fee ($10 each) into the hot springs so we thought it wasn’t too bad of a deal after all.

We had just driven into Steamboat Springs from Moab UT that day and we wanted to go set up camp before it got really dark outside so we decided to go up to Strawberry Park hot springs (about 15 minutes out of Steamboat Springs) before going back to Steamboat Springs for dinner. After setting up camp (about 7:30) we explained to the gate attendant that we would be going back into Steamboat Springs to get something to eat and would be returning later that evening. That was not a problem, the gate would still be open for us to come in.

Checkout time was 11am. The problem with that is that I had a massage scheduled for the next day there at the hot springs at 3pm. We asked if we would be allowed to stay until my massage was over. He said that would not be a problem but we would have to have our campsite cleaned out and move our vehicle from the overnight parking area to the day parking area by 11am. Then we would be allowed re-entrance WITH NO ADDITIONAL FEE (since we had already paid for camping the night before).

So, that evening, we decided we had two options for breakfast...either go into town and eat somewhere the next morning or take stuff up to the campsite to cook for breakfast. Because we had until 3pm (my massage time) to hang around we decided it would be best to go down into town and spend a few hours there eating and checking out the shops before heading back up to the hot springs about 2pm for a little soaking time and the massage. REMEMBER, WE WERE TOLD THAT RE-ENTRY AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM.

So, the next morning we slept in a bit and then cleaned up our campsite and headed out of the gate. We stopped at the gate and I got out to tell the attendant we were all out of the campsite and would be back in a few hours (after breakfast and a little shopping) to soak a bit and have my massage. The attendant was a different guy than the night before and he told me that would be fine, but WE WOULD BE CHARGED AGAIN TO REENTER!

At this point I told him what the attendant had told us last night and that we had arranged our breakfast plans and our day according to what we had been told the night before. He told me that he didn’t know who I talked to but he assured me that I was lying to him because "no one would have told you that." I explained to him how we had gotten in late last night and didn’t have time to enjoy the hot springs and that had we known we would not be allowed to re-enter without paying the entry fee again we would have brought stuff up to the campsite for breakfast and lunch so we didn’t have to leave and return. At this point this guy went from really unfriendly to downright rude! He told me..."I am done arguing with you. You are wasting my time! Do whatever you are gonna do." Then he shut the little sliding glass window in my face and refused to talk to me any longer.

So, I got back into the car not knowing if we would actually be charged the re-entry fee or not upon our return. But at that point we really had no choice but to go into town for some food because we could not wait until after my massage (4pm) to eat.
So we went into town, ate and shopped a bit and then returned to the hot springs about 1:30pm. The same attendant was there who was there that morning and he was insistent that we pay the $10 per person entry fee again. We again started to explain how we were told something different the night before. At this point another guy steps in.....he is the owner of the place.

THE OWNER WAS RUDER THAN ANY OF THE EMPLOYEES!!! Now I know why. The owner told us that we were trying to rip him off because they have strict guidelines they follow and there is no way that one of his employees would ever tell us we could re-enter without paying. He told us that "you heard what you wanted to hear." At this point one of my friends said..."Obviously there was a miscommunication on both sides here and we would be happy to meet you in the middle. How about we pay $15 for the three of us to come in instead of the $30? The owner was having nothing to do with this offer (which I thought was really generous on my friends part). He told us that we were wasting his time and that he was not working today and this discussion was over. He concluded with "Pay to come in and soak, or leave!"

After meeting the owner and having been so rudely confronted we were not about to give him another dollar!

So then I had the dilemma of the massage later in the day. If I wanted to have my massage I would have to pay the $10 entry fee again for the pleasure of giving more of my money to this extremely rude guys business. NO WAY! I cancelled my massage and we left.

I was about to spend another $75 there on a massage. They already made $60 off of us for camping the night before. We offered to pay $15 for a re-entry fee after we were told we wouldn’t even be charged.... and still this owner and his staff was completely rude and offensive.

aksoccergal at at 02:44PM, 2010/10/18.

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