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hungry for answers
I want to know how long does a person have to pay for there mistakes before society sees that person as a stand up citzen. My husband made very stupid mistakes when he was younger and got himself in trouble with the law. Now over 10 years later he is still paying for those mistakes and not only is he paying for it but our children are too. He cant get a decent job to help support our family. He cant even join the arm forces because of his back ground. We moved from NY to FL cause we thought maybe it would be cheaper and to get a fresh start, But his background just followed us, now our electric maybe shut off in a couple of days, and santa is most likey going to be passsing by our house this holiday. Try explaing that to your kids, why santa didnt come. I just dont get it these atheletes, TV stars commit a crime and instead of them getting the same punishment every other NORMAL citzen would get they get a slap on there wrist. Tell me what we are to do we are at our witts end. WE NEED HELP! We went to catholic charties they cant even help us we go to the churches but they can only help us so much. We dont care if we have to shovel crap up against the tide. We need help now everything will be shut off in the next couple of days. Please somebody out there that reads this us tell us what we can do, because we are all out of ideas. Pls email me at
hungry for answers at at 03:21PM, 2010/12/14.

I was wondering if you have a column where your readers can write in or post their tax questions online and have a professional answer them. I have not noticed one in recent weeks. I would like to volunteer to write such a column. I am a CPA with 20 years experience in the tax industry and have lived in Ormond By the Sea for 5 years. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail, office phone 386-243-0336 or personal cellular phone 203-570-8191.

Best wishes,

Dean at at 06:38PM, 2011/02/12.
Do you have archived articles from 1984-85? I am looking for a particular article about a young cyclist who rode his bike from Commack, New York to Palm Coast Florida. His name was John Dyer
Cynfitz at at 07:51PM, 2011/03/27.
Carol Costa
A thank you note to a man in Flagler county.

We were celebrating our anniversary with a nite at the beach.
Our motorcycle broke down about 9:30 at nite. Were from the Jacksonville area. Not sure what we were going to do. This man, a flagler county resident came to our rescue. He took my husband shopping for a new battery that nite. They couldn't find the right battery. He then took us back to the beach area where our motel was located. The next morning we called him. He had already made calls that morning and found a battery, picked us up at the beach, drove us to Ormand to get battery and then took us back to Flager and installed it. I couldn't believe all the time and energy he invested. He restored my belief that there are good people willing to do good things........just because. I will pay it forward.

This man has no job. A person that would go out of his way like this deserves employment. I beleive this speaks highly of his character. He had nothing to gain. He is a certified mechanic. If I was hiring I'd check him out.

Thank you R.C. for all your time and enery!
The Costa's
Jacksonville FL.

Carol Costa at at 11:11AM, 2011/07/15.
Just graduated from college for medical billing and
coding. I am an older woman forced to start a new
career after layoffs almost 2 years ago.

I am living now in Palm Coast trying to find a job in the
medical office field. I am willing to start at the
bottom and work my way up, but no one will give me a
chance to prove myself. They say you need experience, but where do you get the experience when no one will give
you a chance?

If any one has any ideas it would be greatly

BEA at at 01:11PM, 2012/05/23.
I would like to get a copy from the week of 4/22/13.
I understand my husband and I were on the front cover as we were attending the Blue Knights Memorial Ride on Sunday 4/21/13 and photos were taken. Thanks
Bambi at at 09:37AM, 2013/04/26.
Duane B. Spicer
I would like a copy of an article in the June 22, 1991 Flagler/Palm Coast News Tribule, on page 6B. The headline reads Celebration of 50th Wedding Anniversary. It pertains to Wilbur and Margaret Davie. Please advise how I can order the copy and the cost involved.
Duane B. Spicer
Duane B. Spicer at at 07:35PM, 2013/09/05.
Maybe now it's out of anger that I speak out. There are so many forms of abuse, of course there's physical, verbal, emotional, financial. In the court system you have to prove your abuse, video, tape recorder as well but they aren't legal unless both consent, then what are you left with? Nothing, his word against hers. But how can someone go into court and sprout out dates of parent alienation with no proof? Easily, especially in the Flagler courts.

I had a stroke 3 months ago that I'm recovering from, it's "not" abuse to have me walk everywhere because he refuses to let me use his vehicles. He tells me there's public transportation which is over two and a half miles away. Sure in 90 degree heat, I'll walk with my 6 year old son, but that is not abuse of my child either. He refuses to pay my cell phone anymore, he says he's not my wallet or my caregiver, No I'm just your son's mother. It's not worrying if your son will be safe either. To cover it up he put the house phone in two days after he informed me he wasn't going to pay my cell anymore. I still have a link to the world so it really doesn't bother me.

Up until July when he sent me a text telling me when I return I need to pack my things and get out. Last week he tells me we haven't been a couple in a long time. Funny how he was still my sex partner and I didn't know about the rest.

When he's mad a me he ignores me, months now. He would walk past me and not say anything, while my son now thinks this is normal and on occasion does it as well. I can't blame my son other than tell him not to do that. His father will just up and leave with our son, not say a word to me and I'm there home alone. What is that teaching our son? My name when he is around is her, it's not mommy. For months it used to be ma'am. But he says he's teaching our son respect. That's not respect it's devaluing me as his mother and when I tell him I am his mother, I'm mommy then he starts saying yes ma'am, ok, that's disrespect. This man has gave me in the presence of our child two dildos, one being in a bag you couldn't see the other incident you could. But in any way that isn't abuse either.

Being not married to the man, your just his son's mother, it doesn't give you rights as his mother, it gives people the right to abuse you, legally

I am now considered disable, he can throw me out, he can do whatever it is he wants to me, being as I can't work, can't even attempt to because of my health issues and no vehicle. But he can corner me knowing I have nothing or nothing to fight back with, leave me destitute and that's not abuse either.

Legal Services, seriously have you ever needed to use them, a joke to say the least. I was told they couldn't even help me in court as far as being there, but how does someone who has nothing and I mean nothing get there, how do they get anywhere. I haven't gone to have my blood checked in over 2 months because it's in the next town over. Because he told me in person and not via text, that I need to find a ride because he's not going to do it, Ok again his word against mine.

I'm sick, I'm sick to my stomach everyday, the abuse won't stop it didn't before. The legal system gave this man permission to abuse me and my son.
trish at at 04:03PM, 2014/08/06.

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