Kentucky, USA

The Bluegrass State

Capital: Frankfort

Population: 4,339,367


Ashland Pop: 21,684 Zoom To Town

Bardstown Pop: 11,700 Zoom To Town

Benton Pop: 4,349 Zoom To Town

Berea Pop: 13,561 Zoom To Town

Bowling Green Pop: 58,067 Zoom To Town

Campbellsville Pop: 9,108 Zoom To Town

Cave City Pop: 2,240 Zoom To Town

Cold Spring Pop: 6,142 Zoom To Town

Columbia Pop: 4,452 Zoom To Town

Corbin Pop: 7,304 Zoom To Town

Covington Pop: 40,640 Zoom To Town

Crestview Hills Pop: 3,148 Zoom To Town

Danville Pop: 16,218 Zoom To Town

Eddyville Pop: 2,554 Zoom To Town

Elizabethtown Pop: 28,531 Zoom To Town

Erlanger Pop: 18,082 Zoom To Town

Florence Pop: 29,951 Zoom To Town

Frankfort Pop: 25,527 Zoom To Town

Franklin Pop: 8,408 Zoom To Town

Georgetown Pop: 29,098 Zoom To Town

Glasgow Pop: 14,028 Zoom To Town

Harrodsburg Pop: 8,340 Zoom To Town

Henderson Pop: 28,757 Zoom To Town

Hopkinsville Pop: 31,577 Zoom To Town

Lebanon Pop: 5,539 Zoom To Town

Lexington Pop: 260,512 Zoom To Town

London Pop: 7,993 Zoom To Town

Louisville Pop: 256,231 Zoom To Town

Madisonville Pop: 19,591 Zoom To Town

Maysville Pop: 9,011 Zoom To Town

Morehead Pop: 6,845 Zoom To Town

Murray Pop: 17,741 Zoom To Town

Newport Pop: 15,273 Zoom To Town

Nicholasville Pop: 28,015 Zoom To Town

Owensboro Pop: 57,265 Zoom To Town

Paducah Pop: 25,024 Zoom To Town

Radcliff Pop: 21,688 Zoom To Town

Richmond Pop: 31,364 Zoom To Town

Shelbyville Pop: 14,045 Zoom To Town

Somerset Pop: 11,196 Zoom To Town

Versailles Pop: 8,568 Zoom To Town

Winchester Pop: 18,368 Zoom To Town