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Marion F. Waddell

This writer spoke at the public meeting held in Anaconda on the use of medical marijuana, in their fair city, from the viewpoint of a legal caregiver. The commissioner
Marion F. Waddell at at 09:24AM, 2010/05/20.
Father Thomas R. Flynn
(I don't know if this is the place to submit material for this announcement or not, but my family in Anaconda asked me to do so and I have asked the Catholic Chancery in Helena to email a photo to you as well.I am a native of Anaconda, a priest of the Roman Cartholic Diocese of Helena, and a Professor of Philosophy at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where I have taught for the last thirty-five years.
I shall be celebrating the 50th anniversary of my Ordination to the Priesthood with a Mass at Holy Family Parish at 10:30, Sunday, July 24.
Here are the details that you may wish to use to post the story in the *Leader*
Thomas Flynn, son of the late Thomas J.. and Bernice E. Flynn, was ordained a Catholic Priest in Rome, Italy on July 16, 1961. His father was Manager of the J.C.Penny store in Anaconda until his death in 1961. He graduated from Anaconda Central and Carroll College as did his two older brothers, James P. and John L. now deceased.
Father Flynn received his Ph.D in Philosophy from Columbia University and has taught at Carroll, The Catholic University of America and now Emory University, where is Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Philosophy.
The author of four books and co-editor of three others, Flynn has received numerous teching and mentoring awards from Emory as well as an honorary Doctorate from Carroll College.
He will be celebrating this occasion with his stepmother, Gertrude Flynn of Anaconda,his sister, Rose Marie Flynn of Silverdale, Washington, his stepsisters Mary Ann Kovacich, of Big Fork, MT, and Betty Rae Feldman of Ft. Collins, Colorado, his stepbrother George Martin of Yucca Valley, California, their spouses and families.

There will be a reception for family and friends at the Parish Center of Holy Family Church after the 10:30 Mass.It is requested that no gifts be brought to this celebration. The presence of family and friends are presents enough.

Thank you for publishing this. Please feel free to edit it as you wish.
Fr. Tom Flynn
I'm currently at a conference in France and so am best reached by email till my return to Atlanta on July 12.
Father Thomas R. Flynn at at 05:05AM, 2011/06/29.
Bob Devine
Hi there Father Tom. It has been to long since we talked. I have been working and living in Seattle since 1985. I always tell the story every Thanksgiving about what happened when you were suppose to pick me up at Gallaudet University and take me to Kitty and George's home in central Virginia. You picked a totally Deaf guy (Jim Arpin) who was waiting for some one to take him to their place for Thanksgiving dinner. You drove down 125 miles all the way to Kitty and Georges house and when you arrived there, Kitty said "That's not Bob". I don't know what you were thinking then but you drove all the way back and dropped Jim back off at Gallaudet and picked the real me up and drove back to Kitty and George's. That was the only time I had two Thanksgivings on the same day. I love telling that story every year at Thanksgiving. It brings out the real spirit of what Thanksgiving truly means. Drop me a line when you can. I would love to hear from you again.

Bob Devine
Bob Devine at at 04:41PM, 2011/09/13.
Richard F. McCleery
Reflections onMadeleine Albright and Ngyuen Chi Thien:

Recently I completed reading Madeleine Albright’s compelling account of her life and the saga of the Czech Republic 1937 to 1948, “Prague Winter”. Madame Albright’s grasp of history and the personalities caught up in its sweep during this eventful era certainly qualify her as a commentator on modern events.
Reader, study the following paragraph penned by Madame Albright;
“ Few temptations are more damaging to a leader than to act on hopes instead of facts. Chamberlain had put his trust in the reasonableness of Hitler, Daladier in the invulnerability of the Maginot Line. Stalin had thought the Germans would not dare attack him; Hitler fancied himself an agent of destiny. Benes the leader of a small country in a dangerous neighborhood, yearned to believe in Stalin’s capacity for intellectual and moral growth. “
Now, juxtapose this with the Obama Middle East policy, the so called Arab Spring and its bitter fruit in the slaughter of our ambassador to Libya. Consider the ongoing drama as the Obama White House and Clinton State Department battle over just what the truth is as a foreign policy based on hopes instead of facts results in the death of a US Ambassador and some of his staff.
What is more, consider this vignette.. Albright is seen telling a story about an exchange with a man during a Truman Foundation event, as he asked her how long Democrats would blame the previous administration for their problems.
"All of a sudden this man gets up and says, 'How long will you blame the previous administration for all of your problems?'" Albright recounted. "I said, 'Forever.'"
How then can Madame Albright dismiss the Romney foreign policy as shallow and worthy of a “C” grade when the Obama foreign policy clearly produced an “F” in Libya and the Middle East?
Madame Albright certainly is familiar with current history and should know of Vietnamese dissident Ngyuen Chi Thien. He had little use for those who sold their souls in service of the inept and corrupt.
These are some acid lines from his 1964 poem, "Today, May 19th" – written about Ho Chi Minh
Let the hacks with their prostituted pens
Comb his beard, pat his head, caress his arse!
… The hell with him!
Has Madeleine Albright let her voice and presence fall to this level in service of a failed president and his foreign policy based on hope instead of facts? One would hope that Madame Albright would re-read her own words, take herself off the Obama campaign trail and so not earn the obloquy of Thien’s stinging words.

Richard F. McCleery
8 Sycamore Terrace
Palm Coast, Fl 32137

Richard F. McCleery at at 01:29PM, 2012/10/18.
this may need spelling check but I have a story , The housing value in anaconda takes a large drop.I moved to the country to get away from the crouds and the criminal elements that go with it and now the contractors are importing the criminal element by building criminal housing facilities closer and closer to my house and now they are within the ten mile limit and my property value plunged.if I would have known about it I would have asked for an injunction and would have sewed anyone that opposed. and its only logical if you import criminals you will have more crime. So just to let you know ,you greedy ,mony grubbing,private and government prison housing and law making INDUSTRY. Devalued the property value of the whole town. I ask any good parent do you really want to try and raise your kids where they import the criminal element into your neighborhood?
James at at 06:52PM, 2013/04/26.
Sue (Wilson) Armistead
I want to extend my heartfelt THANKS to the staff at the Copper Bowl in Anaconda. My husband and I were there the weekend of February 14th and 15th for my father's 90th Birthday celebration. We had breakfast at the Copper Bowl where my husband inadvertently left his wallet. Upon discovering this later in the day we went back to the Copper Bowl and the staff there had turned his wallet in. They held his wallet for him "intact" with nothing missing. We are so impressed with the honesty of the staff and the wonderful service they provided us and what we observed of all the patron eating at this establishment. The quality and integrity of the staff working there should be commended. Perhaps a raise wouldn't hurt either. ;-) Thank you once again!!!

Tom and Sue Armistead
Sue (Wilson) Armistead at at 12:35PM, 2014/02/17.
Karen Sullivan
Nice sentiments from Sue. It's great to know there are still a lot of good people who know to do the right thing. And it's even better to know they come from such a great place! Looking forward to seeing you again real soon!
Karen Sullivan at at 02:47PM, 2014/12/07.
Duane Magnan
Anaconda is my home town and I am a Montana veteran. We were visiting on the Sun. before memorial day. We visited my parents graves to place flowers and noticed while we were at the cemetery that the Marine Corp flag at the military section was upside down. This is a very dishonorable thing to do with any flag. But even worse on memorial day. We contacted Ben Harris who works in the shop behind the courthouse and he took the time to correct the flag himself. Thank you so much Ben for your thoughtful actions.
Semper Fi
Duane Magnan at at 07:36AM, 2016/06/08.
Stephen Howard
Where does this paper get thier information? Most of what I have rea is not true. They falsify court records. I have caled the paper and say county attorney offfice gave us this information. I call the conty attorney an said that is not public information so I do not know where the Anaconda Leader got their information. Maybe ne of th eemployees that work in the county attorneys office is giving out illegal informtion. This matter should be investigated. Do nt beliee anything that yu read in tis paper.
Stephen Howard at at 11:42PM, 2016/10/15.
Gary D Schlaeger

Please publish the following letter in your letter to the editor column. Thank You


Greg Gianforte, a devout family man, moved to Montana decades ago and founded a company that evolved to develop “high tech” $90,000 jobs. When his growing company had a shortage of skilled labor, he started a scholarship to encourage Montana students to learn computer tech skills so they could stay in our state and get high paying jobs. He has devoted time with thousands of voters on a 75,000 mile campaign across the state to meet and listen to Montanans at rallies in big communities as well as small towns.

Greg will fight for a balanced budget, term limits and improved service to Veterans by the VA. He opposes “Gun Registration” (proposed by his opponent) and privatization of Federal Lands. Greg knows how to negotiate and get things done! He has high integrity and great communication skills.
Join me in voting for Greg Gianforte! We don't need to elect Quist to serenade the House. We need a Representative with sharp business skills, who does not need to rely on Congressional income or benefits. Gianforte is the candidate who will make Montana the best place for us and our children to live and work.

Gary Schlaeger
Great Falls, Montana
Gary D Schlaeger at at 04:10PM, 2017/04/16.

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