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Townsend Star, The  
314 Broadway
Townsend, MT 59644

Serving Broadwater County Since April 24, 1897, The Townsend Star is Townsend's only hometown newspaper.

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I think it is terrible that your town, Townsend, MT allows a dead beat dad to reside there. My ex-husaband, Jeffrey R. Smith is residing there, he has managed to hide and move countless times for the sole purpose of not paying his COURT-ORDERED child support dating back from 1980, he has never paid one penny! In CA w don't hide Dads who don't pay their child support we put them in jail.
La_dork at at 09:05PM, 2010/12/29.
Doesn't Montana require fathers to pay their court-ordered child support payments? Do you allow fathers that left Calif to avoid paying his child support take up residence in your community, while his children still have to worry about hunger? In California our children are top priority, I guess in Montana they are not. Very sad.
La_dork at at 09:34PM, 2011/01/01.
Wow, it really shocks me that not one person finds it bad to let Jeffrey Raymond Smith, 57 reside in your community. I'm glad I don't live there.
La_dork at at 05:54PM, 2011/01/02.
There is are more people that live in this town then one person. I have meet some nice people that live in TOwnsend Montana,
Jeanmitch90 at at 12:17AM, 2011/01/14.
Funny, but what difference does that make 31 years later? You're the one who had sex with the guy. Montana folks don't get in your business like the do 'in California'. Your 31 year old kid should be on their own by now and you just want a 'retirement' off the guy you slept with. Shame on you LA_dork.
Ourfieldhouse at at 04:30PM, 2011/01/28.
You mean we don't ask a guy if he owes child support before we LET (?) him move to town? Do people have to check in with the gestapo before they move here? Im from Montana, so I guess I don't know. But as long as my neighbor doesn't put his nose in my business, I stay out of his.
Ourfieldhouse at at 04:33PM, 2011/01/28.
If the kids are still hungry after 31 years, they should have starved by now, besides you probably lived off welfare and blamed the guy who ran off. So if he pays his 'court ordered child support' do the taxpayers get our welfare money back?
Ourfieldhouse at at 04:35PM, 2011/01/28.
Linda Smith
I worked two or three jobs, so now his kids would get the money that he owes & never paid. In California we do hold our fathers responsible to pay their COURT-ORDERED child support payments. But because he worked off the books or fake social security numbers that belonged to some taxpayer, etc. he managed to avoid paying without going to jail. Whether it was 3 months or 30 years what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. I'm pretty sure that God and society would say a man should support his children. Now he brags on facebook about his new truck, and boat, etc. that is shameful & if the people in Montana think that is right, you guys are really screwed up. Also Mr. Smith was a physical and emotional abusive man to his family, his rap sheet in CA is a mile long, but like you said you all don't care, you just stay out of it. Shame on you.
Linda Smith at at 08:50PM, 2013/04/23.
H, Bean
I have noticed that the state of Montana does not care if child support is paid.
How every, Idaho went after him. He now pays a whole $20 some per month. He hides behind his dads name. His son is 22 now and he still owes thousands of dollars. AND that is for just one of his many children.
H, Bean at at 08:53PM, 2014/12/12.

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