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Kuzneski & Lockard Real Estate  
115 North 6th Street
Indiana, PA 15701

Kuzneski & Lockard specializes in commercial, residential, land and industrial sales, appraisals and relocations. Other services offered include property management, marketing, project planning and virtual tours.

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My boyfriend and I rented from Kuzneski and Lockard Fall 2009-Spring 2010, and we will never rent from them again. When we were shown the apartment, it was in the process of being completely redone and remodeled. When we arrived (after waiting two hours in a cramped, stuffy waiting room to get our keys), the place was filthy. The floors were dirty, everything had varying amounts of dust/dirt on it, and some of the brand new tiles they had put in were already cracked. There were bricks and random pieces of wood lying around the apartment. Practically all of the windows wouldn't stay open, and alot of the screens were torn. The dials on the stove (that looked and worked like it was from the 60's), were put on wrong, so I burned myself quite a few times when I thought the burners were off when they were really on a medium setting. The handles on the refrigerator were half broken off, and eventually snapped the whole way off. The nozzle on the fire extinguisher was broken. There were no drip pans in the oven. The glass windows on the porch were broken and laying a floor below in the bushes. There was trash on the porch that someone must have left from before (mattress, desk, chairs, random junk). Some outlets didn't work, a light in the bathroom was blown out. We wrote everything down for them, and when I went to turn in the paper, I insisted that maybe I could talk it over with someone in case they couldn't read my handwriting (I had to cram words together because there was so much to write and not enough space). The receptionist gave me a condescending smile and waved me off. The "repair guy" came once, to replace the light bulb in the bathroom.

One unpleasant night I was taking a bath and realized that the water was slightly brown-ish colored. The toilet overflowed numerous times from just flushing a little bit of toilet paper, and it wobbled when you sat on it. When winter came, we found out we didn't have any heat. We called them, and they said they'd send someone over to check it out. Three weeks later, no one had come yet, so we called again. Finally, a week later, they came and fixed the broken heater. Even then, the heat would only come on for a half hour at a time every once and a while, and barely any heat came through the ancient vents. We ended up moving our bed into the room we had our computers in and keeping the door closed all day so we could keep warm. My car was boxed in by feet of snow by the snow removal guy numerous times, and he always left mounds of snow by the exits of our lot.

When we left, we left the place in a much better condition than it originally was. Out of each of our 350 dollar security deposit, they gave us 186 dollars. They tried to charge us for the windows and screens, the drip pans (that weren't there when we moved in), the debris on the porch that wasn't even ours, the refrigerator (that my mom scrubbed till it was spotless), and a full apartment clean...WHICH WASN'T NEEDED. And of course "maintenance" fees. We spent a whole day cleaning that apartment until it was spotless. In reality, they probably didn't touch the apartment. We called in, and ended up getting some more of our money back (they still ended up charging us for the stupid drip pans, "refrigerator clean" and the "full apartment clean" because we couldn't prove that the pans weren't there (even though we gave them a list that that was on) and that we cleaned the refrigerator, and our full apartment clean wasn't sufficient. They used whatever means they could to take our money. I called in and asked them when they'd be sending out the rest of our money (we didn't get our original sums until a month and a half after we moved out), and the woman replied, in a cool, uncaring voice, "We don't do that for 30 days." Well, that's just the icing on the cake.

Unclean, broken property, almost nonexistent maintenance, dishonest, unorganized business and unhelpful, uncaring receptionist and realtors is what you're looking forward to if you rent from Kuzneski and Lockard.
Anonymous at at 04:56PM, 2010/06/17.
AMEN!!!!! Someone should show them how to run a business.
anonymous at at 08:47AM, 2010/09/21.
If you are of sound mind and judgment, don't associate yourself with Kuzneski & Lockard. Living conditions aside, I have not had a positive experience with their employees yet. The first time I was ever in their office, I left crying because the woman looked at me and spoke to me as if I were beneath her and scum on the bottom of her shoe. The second time, (I spoke with a different woman) I called about a misunderstanding about something in the lease. I tried to have a civil and adult conversation, only to be met with a completely rude tone of voice and snide comments such as "I don't know what part of this conversation you don't understand." Because apparently I'm too idiotic to comprehend what she has to say. If you are even mildly interested in being treated like a human being, don't take your time, energy, or business to Kuzneski and Lockard.
Anonymous at at 11:07AM, 2010/10/19.
I know! They all act like they are above you because you are students. They are rude and ignorant. I called the other day to discuss outrageous charges that they were going to try to pin on my roommate and myself, and when I called they were rude and snooty to me even though I was trying to have an adult conversation and calmly discuss the charges. I will never ever ever again rent from them or suggest them for anyone to rent from.
anonymous at at 09:14PM, 2010/12/26.
Never ever lease anything from this organization
FFFF at at 09:51AM, 2011/02/14.

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