Vermont, USA

The Green Mountain State

Capital: Montpelier

Population: 625,741


Alburgh Pop: 1,952 Zoom To Town

Arlington Pop: 1,213 Zoom To Town

Barre Pop: 9,052 Zoom To Town

Barton Pop: 737 Zoom To Town

Bennington Pop: 9,074 Zoom To Town

Berlin Pop: 2,888 Zoom To Town

Bondville Zoom To Town

Brandon Pop: 1,648 Zoom To Town

Brattleboro Pop: 7,414 Zoom To Town

Bristol Pop: 2,030 Zoom To Town

Brownington Pop: 885 Zoom To Town

Burlington Pop: 42,417 Zoom To Town

Chester Pop: 1,005 Zoom To Town

Colchester Pop: 16,986 Zoom To Town

Derby Pop: 4,604 Zoom To Town

Derby Line Pop: 673 Zoom To Town

Dorset Pop: 249 Zoom To Town

Dummerston Pop: 1,915 Zoom To Town

Enosburg Falls Pop: 1,329 Zoom To Town

Essex Junction Pop: 9,271 Zoom To Town

Fair Haven Pop: 2,269 Zoom To Town

Grafton Pop: 649 Zoom To Town

Greensboro Pop: 109 Zoom To Town

Huntington Pop: 1,861 Zoom To Town

Island Pond Pop: 821 Zoom To Town

Jay Pop: 426 Zoom To Town

Jeffersonville Pop: 729 Zoom To Town

Jericho Pop: 1,329 Zoom To Town

Johnson Pop: 1,443 Zoom To Town

Killington Pop: 1,095 Zoom To Town

Londonderry Pop: 1,709 Zoom To Town

Ludlow Pop: 811 Zoom To Town

Lyndonville Pop: 1,207 Zoom To Town

Manchester Pop: 4,180 Zoom To Town

Manchester Center Pop: 2,120 Zoom To Town

Middlebury Pop: 6,588 Zoom To Town

Milton Pop: 1,861 Zoom To Town

Montgomery Center Zoom To Town

Montpelier Pop: 7,855 Zoom To Town

Morrisville Pop: 1,958 Zoom To Town

Newport Pop: 4,589 Zoom To Town

North Hero Pop: 810 Zoom To Town

Northfield Pop: 2,101 Zoom To Town

Plainfield Pop: 401 Zoom To Town

Quechee Pop: 656 Zoom To Town

Randolph Pop: 1,974 Zoom To Town

Richmond Pop: 723 Zoom To Town

Roxbury Pop: 576 Zoom To Town

Rutland Pop: 16,495 Zoom To Town

Shelburne Pop: 592 Zoom To Town

Shrewsbury Pop: 1,056 Zoom To Town

South Burlington Pop: 17,904 Zoom To Town

South Hero Pop: 1,696 Zoom To Town

Springfield Pop: 3,979 Zoom To Town

St. Albans Pop: 6,918 Zoom To Town

St. Johnsbury Pop: 6,193 Zoom To Town

Stowe Pop: 495 Zoom To Town

Stratton Pop: 136 Zoom To Town

Swanton Pop: 2,386 Zoom To Town

Vergennes Pop: 2,588 Zoom To Town

Waitsfield Pop: 164 Zoom To Town

Warren Pop: 1,681 Zoom To Town

Waterbury Pop: 1,763 Zoom To Town

West Dover Zoom To Town

Weston Pop: 630 Zoom To Town

Williston Pop: 7,650 Zoom To Town

Wilmington Pop: 463 Zoom To Town

Woodstock Pop: 900 Zoom To Town