California, USA

The Golden State

Capital: Sacramento

Population: 37,253,956


Alameda Pop: 73,812 Zoom To Town

Aliso Viejo Pop: 47,823 Zoom To Town

Altadena Pop: 42,777 Zoom To Town

Alturas Pop: 2,827 Zoom To Town

Anaheim Pop: 336,265 Zoom To Town

Antioch Pop: 102,372 Zoom To Town

Aptos Pop: 6,220 Zoom To Town

Arcadia Pop: 56,364 Zoom To Town

Arcata Pop: 17,231 Zoom To Town

Arnold Pop: 3,843 Zoom To Town

Arroyo Grande Pop: 17,252 Zoom To Town

Atascadero Pop: 28,310 Zoom To Town

Auburn Pop: 13,330 Zoom To Town

Avalon Pop: 3,728 Zoom To Town

Bakersfield Pop: 347,483 Zoom To Town

Barstow Pop: 22,639 Zoom To Town

Bellflower Pop: 76,616 Zoom To Town

Berkeley Pop: 112,580 Zoom To Town

Bermuda Dunes Pop: 7,282 Zoom To Town

Beverly Hills Pop: 34,109 Zoom To Town

Big Bear Lake Pop: 5,019 Zoom To Town

Big Sur Zoom To Town

Bishop Pop: 3,879 Zoom To Town

Blythe Pop: 20,817 Zoom To Town

Bodega Bay Pop: 1,077 Zoom To Town

Brea Pop: 39,282 Zoom To Town

Brentwood Pop: 51,481 Zoom To Town

Bridgeport Pop: 575 Zoom To Town

Buena Park Pop: 80,530 Zoom To Town

Burbank Pop: 103,340 Zoom To Town

Burlingame Pop: 28,806 Zoom To Town

Calabasas Pop: 23,058 Zoom To Town

Calistoga Pop: 5,155 Zoom To Town

Camarillo Pop: 65,201 Zoom To Town

Cambria Pop: 6,032 Zoom To Town

Campbell Pop: 39,349 Zoom To Town

Carlsbad Pop: 105,328 Zoom To Town

Carmel Pop: 4,081 Zoom To Town

Carmichael Pop: 61,762 Zoom To Town

Carson Pop: 91,714 Zoom To Town

Cayucos Pop: 2,592 Zoom To Town

Cerritos Pop: 49,041 Zoom To Town

Chatsworth Pop: 41,225 Zoom To Town

Chico Pop: 86,187 Zoom To Town

Chino Pop: 77,983 Zoom To Town

Chino Hills Pop: 74,799 Zoom To Town

Chula Vista Pop: 243,916 Zoom To Town

Citrus Heights Pop: 83,301 Zoom To Town

Claremont Pop: 34,926 Zoom To Town

Clovis Pop: 95,631 Zoom To Town

Concord Pop: 122,067 Zoom To Town

Copperopolis Pop: 3,671 Zoom To Town

Corona Pop: 152,374 Zoom To Town

Corona Del Mar Zoom To Town

Coronado Pop: 18,912 Zoom To Town

Costa Mesa Pop: 109,960 Zoom To Town

Covina Pop: 47,796 Zoom To Town

Crescent City Pop: 7,643 Zoom To Town

Culver City Pop: 38,883 Zoom To Town

Cupertino Pop: 58,302 Zoom To Town

Cypress Pop: 47,802 Zoom To Town

Dana Point Pop: 33,351 Zoom To Town

Danville Pop: 42,039 Zoom To Town

Davis Pop: 65,622 Zoom To Town

Del Mar Pop: 4,161 Zoom To Town

Downey Pop: 111,772 Zoom To Town

Dublin Pop: 46,036 Zoom To Town

El Cajon Pop: 99,478 Zoom To Town

El Centro Pop: 42,598 Zoom To Town

El Dorado Hills Pop: 42,108 Zoom To Town

El Monte Pop: 113,475 Zoom To Town

Elk Grove Pop: 153,015 Zoom To Town

Emeryville Pop: 10,080 Zoom To Town

Encinitas Pop: 59,518 Zoom To Town

Escondido Pop: 143,911 Zoom To Town

Eureka Pop: 27,191 Zoom To Town

Fair Oaks Pop: 30,912 Zoom To Town

Fairfield Pop: 105,321 Zoom To Town

Fallbrook Pop: 30,534 Zoom To Town

Felton Pop: 4,057 Zoom To Town

Folsom Pop: 72,203 Zoom To Town

Fontana Pop: 196,069 Zoom To Town

Fort Bragg Pop: 7,273 Zoom To Town

Fountain Valley Pop: 55,313 Zoom To Town

Fremont Pop: 214,089 Zoom To Town

Fresno Pop: 494,665 Zoom To Town

Fullerton Pop: 135,161 Zoom To Town

Garberville Pop: 913 Zoom To Town

Garden Grove Pop: 170,883 Zoom To Town

Gilroy Pop: 48,821 Zoom To Town

Glen Ellen Pop: 784 Zoom To Town

Glendale Pop: 191,719 Zoom To Town

Glendora Pop: 50,073 Zoom To Town

Grass Valley Pop: 12,860 Zoom To Town

Grover Beach Pop: 13,156 Zoom To Town

Gualala Pop: 2,093 Zoom To Town

Guerneville Pop: 4,534 Zoom To Town

Half Moon Bay Pop: 11,324 Zoom To Town

Hanford Pop: 53,967 Zoom To Town

Hawthorne Pop: 84,293 Zoom To Town

Hayward Pop: 144,186 Zoom To Town

Healdsburg Pop: 11,254 Zoom To Town

Hemet Pop: 78,657 Zoom To Town

Hermosa Beach Pop: 19,506 Zoom To Town

Hesperia Pop: 90,173 Zoom To Town

Hollister Pop: 34,928 Zoom To Town

Hollywood Zoom To Town

Huntington Beach Pop: 189,992 Zoom To Town

Idyllwild Zoom To Town

Imperial Beach Pop: 26,324 Zoom To Town

Indian Wells Pop: 4,958 Zoom To Town

Indio Pop: 76,036 Zoom To Town

Inglewood Pop: 109,673 Zoom To Town

Irvine Pop: 212,375 Zoom To Town

Jackson Pop: 4,651 Zoom To Town

Julian Pop: 1,502 Zoom To Town

La Habra Pop: 60,239 Zoom To Town

La Jolla Zoom To Town

La Mesa Pop: 57,065 Zoom To Town

La Quinta Pop: 37,467 Zoom To Town

Lafayette Pop: 23,893 Zoom To Town

Laguna Beach Pop: 22,723 Zoom To Town

Laguna Hills Pop: 30,344 Zoom To Town

Laguna Niguel Pop: 62,979 Zoom To Town

Lake Forest Pop: 77,264 Zoom To Town

Lake Tahoe Zoom To Town

Lakeport Pop: 4,753 Zoom To Town

Lakewood Pop: 80,048 Zoom To Town

Lancaster Pop: 156,633 Zoom To Town

Larkspur Pop: 11,926 Zoom To Town

Lincoln Pop: 42,819 Zoom To Town

Livermore Pop: 80,968 Zoom To Town

Lodi Pop: 62,134 Zoom To Town

Lone Pine Pop: 2,035 Zoom To Town

Long Beach Pop: 462,257 Zoom To Town

Los Altos Pop: 28,976 Zoom To Town

Los Angeles Pop: 3,792,621 Zoom To Town

Los Banos Pop: 35,972 Zoom To Town

Los Gatos Pop: 29,413 Zoom To Town

Madera Pop: 61,416 Zoom To Town

Malibu Pop: 12,645 Zoom To Town

Mammoth Lakes Pop: 8,234 Zoom To Town

Manhattan Beach Pop: 35,135 Zoom To Town

Manteca Pop: 67,096 Zoom To Town

Marina del Rey Pop: 8,866 Zoom To Town

Mariposa Pop: 2,173 Zoom To Town

Marysville Pop: 12,072 Zoom To Town

Mendocino Pop: 894 Zoom To Town

Menlo Park Pop: 32,026 Zoom To Town

Merced Pop: 78,958 Zoom To Town

Mill Valley Pop: 13,903 Zoom To Town

Milpitas Pop: 66,790 Zoom To Town

Mission Viejo Pop: 93,305 Zoom To Town

Modesto Pop: 201,165 Zoom To Town

Monrovia Pop: 36,590 Zoom To Town

Monterey Pop: 27,810 Zoom To Town

Moreno Valley Pop: 193,365 Zoom To Town

Morgan Hill Pop: 37,882 Zoom To Town

Mount Shasta Pop: 3,394 Zoom To Town

Mountain View Pop: 74,066 Zoom To Town

Murrieta Pop: 103,466 Zoom To Town

Napa Pop: 76,915 Zoom To Town

National City Pop: 58,582 Zoom To Town

Newark Pop: 42,573 Zoom To Town

Newport Beach Pop: 85,186 Zoom To Town

North Hollywood Zoom To Town

Novato Pop: 51,904 Zoom To Town

Oakdale Pop: 20,675 Zoom To Town

Oakhurst Pop: 2,829 Zoom To Town

Oakland Pop: 390,724 Zoom To Town

Ocean Beach Pop: 27,889 Zoom To Town

Oceanside Pop: 167,086 Zoom To Town

Ojai Pop: 7,461 Zoom To Town

Ontario Pop: 163,924 Zoom To Town

Orange Pop: 136,416 Zoom To Town

Orland Pop: 7,291 Zoom To Town

Oroville Pop: 15,546 Zoom To Town

Oxnard Pop: 197,899 Zoom To Town

Pacific Palisades Zoom To Town

Palm Desert Pop: 48,445 Zoom To Town

Palm Springs Pop: 44,552 Zoom To Town

Palmdale Pop: 152,750 Zoom To Town

Palo Alto Pop: 64,403 Zoom To Town

Pasadena Pop: 137,122 Zoom To Town

Paso Robles Pop: 29,793 Zoom To Town

Petaluma Pop: 57,941 Zoom To Town

Pico Rivera Pop: 62,942 Zoom To Town

Pismo Beach Pop: 7,655 Zoom To Town

Pittsburg Pop: 63,264 Zoom To Town

Placentia Pop: 50,533 Zoom To Town

Placerville Pop: 10,389 Zoom To Town

Pleasant Hill Pop: 33,152 Zoom To Town

Pleasanton Pop: 70,285 Zoom To Town

Point Reyes Station Pop: 848 Zoom To Town

Pomona Pop: 149,058 Zoom To Town

Porterville Pop: 54,165 Zoom To Town

Poway Pop: 47,811 Zoom To Town

Quincy Pop: 1,728 Zoom To Town

Rancho Cordova Pop: 64,776 Zoom To Town

Rancho Cucamonga Pop: 165,269 Zoom To Town

Rancho Mirage Pop: 17,218 Zoom To Town

Rancho Santa Margarita Pop: 47,853 Zoom To Town

Red Bluff Pop: 14,076 Zoom To Town

Redding Pop: 89,861 Zoom To Town

Redlands Pop: 68,747 Zoom To Town

Redondo Beach Pop: 66,748 Zoom To Town

Redwood City Pop: 76,815 Zoom To Town

Richmond Pop: 103,701 Zoom To Town

Riverside Pop: 303,871 Zoom To Town

Rocklin Pop: 56,974 Zoom To Town

Rohnert Park Pop: 40,971 Zoom To Town

Roseville Pop: 118,788 Zoom To Town

Rutherford Pop: 164 Zoom To Town

Sacramento Pop: 466,488 Zoom To Town

Salinas Pop: 150,441 Zoom To Town

San Bernardino Pop: 209,924 Zoom To Town

San Bruno Pop: 41,114 Zoom To Town

San Carlos Pop: 28,406 Zoom To Town

San Clemente Pop: 63,522 Zoom To Town

San Diego Pop: 1,307,402 Zoom To Town

San Francisco Pop: 805,235 Zoom To Town

San Jose Pop: 945,942 Zoom To Town

San Juan Capistrano Pop: 34,593 Zoom To Town

San Leandro Pop: 84,950 Zoom To Town

San Luis Obispo Pop: 45,119 Zoom To Town

San Marcos Pop: 83,781 Zoom To Town

San Mateo Pop: 97,207 Zoom To Town

San Pedro Pop: 8,605 Zoom To Town

San Rafael Pop: 57,713 Zoom To Town

San Ramon Pop: 72,148 Zoom To Town

Santa Ana Pop: 324,528 Zoom To Town

Santa Barbara Pop: 88,410 Zoom To Town

Santa Clara Pop: 116,468 Zoom To Town

Santa Clarita Pop: 176,320 Zoom To Town

Santa Cruz Pop: 59,946 Zoom To Town

Santa Maria Pop: 99,553 Zoom To Town

Santa Monica Pop: 89,736 Zoom To Town

Santa Rosa Pop: 167,815 Zoom To Town

Santa Ynez Pop: 4,418 Zoom To Town

Santee Pop: 53,413 Zoom To Town

Sausalito Pop: 7,061 Zoom To Town

Scotts Valley Pop: 11,580 Zoom To Town

Seal Beach Pop: 24,168 Zoom To Town

Sebastopol Pop: 7,379 Zoom To Town

Sequoia National Park Zoom To Town

Sherman Oaks Zoom To Town

Simi Valley Pop: 124,237 Zoom To Town

Solana Beach Pop: 12,867 Zoom To Town

Sonoma Pop: 10,648 Zoom To Town

Sonora Pop: 4,903 Zoom To Town

South Lake Tahoe Pop: 21,403 Zoom To Town

St. Helena Pop: 5,814 Zoom To Town

Stockton Pop: 291,707 Zoom To Town

Studio City Zoom To Town

Sunnyvale Pop: 140,081 Zoom To Town

Susanville Pop: 17,947 Zoom To Town

Tahoe City Zoom To Town

Tehachapi Pop: 14,414 Zoom To Town

Temecula Pop: 100,097 Zoom To Town

Thousand Oaks Pop: 126,683 Zoom To Town

Topanga Pop: 8,289 Zoom To Town

Torrance Pop: 145,438 Zoom To Town

Tracy Pop: 82,922 Zoom To Town

Truckee Pop: 16,180 Zoom To Town

Tulare Pop: 59,278 Zoom To Town

Turlock Pop: 68,549 Zoom To Town

Tustin Pop: 75,540 Zoom To Town

Twain Harte Pop: 2,226 Zoom To Town

Ukiah Pop: 16,075 Zoom To Town

Upland Pop: 73,732 Zoom To Town

Vacaville Pop: 92,428 Zoom To Town

Valencia Zoom To Town

Vallejo Pop: 115,942 Zoom To Town

Van Nuys Zoom To Town

Venice Zoom To Town

Ventura Pop: 106,433 Zoom To Town

Victorville Pop: 115,903 Zoom To Town

Visalia Pop: 124,442 Zoom To Town

Vista Pop: 93,834 Zoom To Town

Walnut Creek Pop: 64,173 Zoom To Town

Watsonville Pop: 51,199 Zoom To Town

Weed Pop: 2,967 Zoom To Town

West Hollywood Pop: 34,399 Zoom To Town

West Sacramento Pop: 48,744 Zoom To Town

Westlake Village Pop: 8,270 Zoom To Town

Westminster Pop: 89,701 Zoom To Town

Whittier Pop: 85,331 Zoom To Town

Windsor Pop: 26,801 Zoom To Town

Woodland Pop: 55,468 Zoom To Town

Woodland Hills Zoom To Town

Yorba Linda Pop: 64,234 Zoom To Town

Yountville Pop: 2,933 Zoom To Town

Yreka Pop: 7,765 Zoom To Town

Yuba City Pop: 64,925 Zoom To Town

Yucaipa Pop: 51,367 Zoom To Town